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Project overview

Mark came to us with a self-created Excel spreadsheet with complicated formulae and a huge price list with the idea of turning it into an online business.

After analysing all of the sheets and formulae included in the document, our developers were able to plan and create a platform that would make Mark's spreadsheet easy-to-use and accessible to tradesmen all over the country.

We developed a user-friendly account area for users to create and edit their customers quotes with the option to send directly via email, or to download as a PDF document. Users can sign up for free on a limited usage plan with the option to upgrade to a paid membership with mulitple pricing tiers dependant on usage requirements.

What we did


  • Complex price calculations and formulae to generate accurate construction project pricing
  • Payment processing for multi-tiered annual and monthly subscriptions
  • User login area to manage their quotes and account details
  • PDF export for all quotes generated on the platform
  • Multi-user accounts with an invite system

Complex calculations & integrated formulae

As the owner of an established construction company, Mark's spreadsheets were created from years of application in the real world. Using user input for sizes and dimensions of different aspects of a job, PriceBuilder accurately estimates the amount of materials needed, the labour reqired to complete it and the costs involved. PriceBuilder enables tradesmen to quote jobs quickly and easily.

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